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Manifestation and self-realization through conscious thought are at the forefront of many people’s minds these days, but the information available about how to employ them can seem confusing and even contradictory.

What’s important to know is that sometimes the road to easier or more significant manifestation is parallel to the road you’re on to shed what is no longer needed by you: feelings and thoughts of limitation. The most common among these that I have found in my years of working one-on-one with clients, is that somewhere in their past they were made to believe that they only deserved so much; that some negative outcome would occur if good things happened for them; or that even wanting anything made them selfish. Especially for kind-hearted, giving people, the thought of being selfish – in the way we generally think of it – is a deep-seated trigger. They believe that by putting themselves first in any situation, they have betrayed their true place in life: to give to and do for others.

This may not be a thought that goes through their minds consciously. It may be all set in their subconscious, or it may be a thought that passes so quickly through their consciousness, that they don’t notice themselves thinking it. Mainly because it has already been set so deeply in their minds as unquestioned law, there is no thought or consideration about it.

I tell my clients it is important to remember that you are manifesting your life and conditions all the time. It has just become so automatic for you that you don’t realize you’re doing it. What you have come to now, is the knowledge that you want to manifest differently, better, and more suited to the person you have become. Which is to say, you have already overcome and learned so much, that you are ready for this new phase. This is important to remember on those days when you feel like you’re not manifesting as well, or as quickly, as you want to.

Then I give them this exercise:

* Write out five things you want for yourself. Write exactly what you want, without self-judgment or editing. What comes to you quickly is what has been waiting for your attention and permission.

* Say each one out loud to yourself, and notice how your body reacts to the suggestion of having this new thing, or situation. If you experience a feeling of embarrassment or self-consciousness, or feel yourself tense up, especially in your neck and shoulders, there is a blockage against this in your mind that needs attention.

When we can see where the blocks are, what caused them and what makes your subconscious mind think it is safer to hold on to the life you don't want, anymore, than to be open to all the new joys and possibilities, we can develop a plan to get you to the life you want to be.

Just know that when you're trying to make changes in your life, often it's bigger than just how much money you have or how you live.  It’s changing your perception of your life and what you can make of it.  This is about an overall change, so you don’t fall back into a rut of thinking and expectations that leave you stuck in a life or situation you know doesn't work for you, anymore. And so you can get into and stay in a state of mind that Spirit always wants for us: Expect miracles.