I currently give readings in 30-minute, 45-minute, or 60-minute sessions. When you contact me, let me know what you're looking for with the reading, and we can determine what amount of time might work best for you.

How to Prepare Yourself

You’ll get the best reading if you know what you want out of it. Having some questions prepared gives us a place to start, gets your most pressing needs addressed, and then we can cover other things for you that may come up during the reading.

It’s also best to come into it with an open mind, and relaxed. This is a cooperative experience and the best readings happen when the client and reader connect well. This doesn’t mean that you have to give up more information than you want to. It’s just about open, relaxed energy.

I am an empath and a channel, so I will be receiving information from your spirit guides, based on your questions. Also, they will often interrupt with messages they need you to hear, that you might not think to ask.

We can work on a number of different kinds of issues for you, including questions you have about your current life and relationships,  spirit communication with loved ones you've lost, and manifestation counseling.

Let me know what it is you want to do, and we will work out the best way to take care of it for you.